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Focus-Leisure provide personal fitness and health assessment services to a wide range of clients in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and throughout the surrounding areas. From indoor classes to outdoor bootcamps, we do it all. There really is something to suit every fitness level, exercise preference, age, and budget.

Personalised Service

I offer the best weight loss programs, muscle conditioning programs and event preparation programs – the proof is in the amazing results I have had!

Others talk, I walk the walk!

Focus-Leisure is here to provide you with the professional fitness edge you need to accomplish your fitness goals and achieve maximum results. Focus-Leisure provide a dynamic approach to nutrition and supplementation as well as for resistance and aerobic training.

No Matter Who: male, female, beginner or advanced

No Matter the Goal: weight loss, muscle tone, or event preparation

Focus-Leisure has a program to get you started and keep you motivated! I cut out all of your "second guessing" regarding fitness and get you results.

I am directed by Professional Guidance and Personal Results:

Professional Guidance means that your customized program is based on tried and true cutting edge exercise, diet and supplementation formulas and fundamentals that I have shown successful. Each of my clients will have a program developed for them using state of the art customized software that allows me to create a plan that will give you the results you are looking to achieve.

Personal Results means that I make every workout routine and diet plan custom to the client and his/her desired results. I strive to teach and inform as I personally guide you through the process of fitness success. I am measured by your results!

Personal Training
Mountain Bike Instruction

Spartan-Elite Fitness Group

Herbalife Nutrition


Wellness Evaluation Service

Improve your health and wellbeing with me today. I will help you to achieve your fitness goals, offering honest advice each step of the way. I will professionally assess your current diet and lifestyle, and provide practical solutions to a range of health problems. These may include:

• Insomnia
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Weight gain/loss
• Body aches


Specialist Equipment

Visit my private fitness studio and take advantage of the extensive collection of specialist training equipment today. My 1-on-1 private classes won't let you down. Focus-Leisure is conveniently located in central Glasgow. Sessions can be arranged outdoors or at your own home.


About the Owner

Shane Lawton is a former Army Physical Training Instructor and Royal Marines Commando having seen operational service in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and multiple front line tours of Afghanistan. Shane's military career spanned 14 years! He gained his very first fitness qualifications in 1998 as an Army PTI and has worked as a Personal Trainer, Studio Class Instructor, Bootcamp Instructor and owner, Mountain Leader, Mountain Bike Instructor, Nutritionist and Herbalife Independent Distributor. Shane started Focus-Leisure in 2012 after leaving the Royal Marines and moving in to full time Personal Training, he has trained thousands of people in his 15 years experience and gets people the amazing results they are looking for!! If you are looking for an instructor that can deliver....look no further!!!

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